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About Us

How We Started...

Our founder Jack Pang established Wildlife Management Services 7 years ago to help Singapore Government Agencies dealt with the ever growing problems of wild boar roaming dangerously in our urban neighborhood, causing damages to properties and injuring residents and parkgoers. We quickly established ourselves as the 'go-to' wildlife management company trusted and called upon by our agencies.

We continue to expand our capabilities and help government agencies control stray dogs and overly aggressive monkeys that wondered into residential estates. We are also called upon when bats and civet cats wondered into private residential properties.

What We Have Doing ...


Crocodile Trapping & Removal In Singapore Waters


Mosquito Control - Fogging At Singapore Private Houses


Mosquito Control - Fogging With Extension At High Roofing


Birds Removal - Chemical Fogging To High Places


Bats Removal - Chemical Spray Using Extension At High Places


Monkey Removal - Trapping Cages Near Residential Estates


Wild Chicken Removal - Nets Trapping Near Private Estates


Civet Cats Removal - Baits Trapping In Private Housings


Pigeons Removal - Trapping Cages In Singapore Estates

Mon-Sat 08:00 - 20:00, Sun - Urgent Services